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APAC Regional Member Summit – Virtual Event

APAC Regional Member Summit
March 24, 2022

Once a year, leaders of the digital infrastructure industry come together to discuss relevant, crucial topics that are currently affecting the APAC region. On March 24, 2044, iMasons members joined us for the Annual APAC Regional Member Summit.

Summary Agenda:

  1. Welcome: Dean Nelson – iMasons Founder and Chairman
  2. Outlook for APAC:  Oliver Jones – Board Member
  3. APAC Hot Topic #1: What is the impact of Mining on Digital Infrastructure, Present and Future
  4. APAC Hot Topic #2:  What are the implications of Metaverse for Digital Infrastructure
  5. Panel Chapter Leaders: Industry Cooperation on Sustainability 
  6. Fireside Chat: Greenpeace East Asia – The Race to Green

Meeting times:
10:30 IST | 12:00 ICT | 13:00 CST, HKT, SGT | 14:00 JST | 16:00 AEDT | 05:00 GMT | 06:00 CET | 22:00 PST (3/23)

What is the impact of Mining on Digital Infrastructure, Present and Future?

For the first time in history, a financial system is developing without intermediaries at a large scale. So far, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications cannot compete in terms of security, speed, and ease of use with traditional finance solutions yet. But DeFi has produced real, working applications that have already managed to attract billions of capital. 

These resources will be used to develop more competitive and user-friendly applications in the future and we might also be at the beginning of a huge new development cycle for blockchain technology.

But the question being asked in the iMasons community is – What is the impact of Mining on Digital Infrastructure, Present and Future? To answer this question, we’re delighted to welcome Dave Perrill, a leading subject matter expert to provide a briefing and answer questions posed by the iM Chapter Leaders and attendees of this APAC member Summit.

Dave Perrill, CEO – Compute North 
A 25-year veteran of the datacenter and information security industry and has been keenly immersed in the cryptocurrency mining and blockchain industry since 2017. Dave has extensive experience in networking, datacenter engineering, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, energy, and security.





What are the implications of Metaverse for Digital Infrastructure?

The metaverse refers to a series of online worlds where people can communicate, work and game in a virtual environment having the experience enhanced by virtual reality headsets and augmented reality. 

Digital Infrastructure will be a vital tool in accessing the metaverse as users share holograms, virtual spaces and new experiences and could be seen as the next major evolution of the internet with more and more aspects of life being lived online.

But what could the Digital Infrastructure required to support the metaverse look like?

Very pleased to welcome Mark Monroe, an industry expert and long term iMasons member to provide a brief on his perspectives on this fascinating topic that will impact us all. After the briefing there will be an interactive session when attendees can raise their questions.

Mark Monroe, Principal Infrastructure Engineer Datacenter Advanced Development – Microsoft

Mark is leader in applied Research & Development for datacenter technologies 3-5 years from deployment at hyperscale. With 30 years’ experience in Product Management, System Engineering, Software Development, Customer Support, Quality Assurance, and IT Operations.




If you’re not a current iMasons member, you can quickly and easily join online here.

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