The digital future demands a commitment to education to foster future talents and leaders, inclusion to reflect humanity in everything digital, innovation to solve technology’s toughest challenges, and environmental sustainability to protect generations to come.

The Education Committee bridges the talent gap by partnering with top training programs, providing scholarships, and supporting curriculum development.

We support several education initiatives including our highly successful Capstone Project, offering students the opportunity to design digital infrastructure and gain feedback on their work.

The Inclusion Committee fosters diversity and equity in the global digital infrastructure industry.

Our focus is on two key objectives: building awareness of the industry to underrepresented groups and educating through sharing best practices and guidance.

The Innovation Committee is a community of innovators and industry leaders dedicated to building a greater digital future.

Experts from diverse backgrounds, we share insights and experiences, exchange knowledge, and take action together as one.

The Sustainability Committee is committed to establishing an industry framework for the design, build, and operation of a full life cycle sustainable infrastructure. 

We drive collaboration to collect and share best practices with operators, providers, supply chain professionals, and policy makers globally.