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We harness collective experience and resources to uncover, guide, and accelerate digital infrastructure innovation.

The iMasons Innovation Committee is dedicated to solving technology’s toughest challenges and building a greater digital future.

We unite innovators on a global scale in a company-agnostic platform and leverage their collective brain power and experiences to drive the sustainable growth of digital infrastructure.

As a member, you’ll be part of a community of thinkers, creators, and builders from diverse backgrounds. Share your insights, learn from the best and the brightest, and make a real impact.

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Innovation Initiatives

Issues & Constraints Decoder

Surveys and information on issues and constraints within the industry.

The iMasons Innovation Committee operates as an independent body, communicating a unified industry position especially on sticky issues that policymakers and the broader public might not understand well.

This initiative will canvas the iMasons community to establish and publish industry positions on issues such as Nuclear, HVO, Battery Technologies, and Liquid Cooling as well as address carbon consumption, optimization available with capital investments, and design changes supporting carbon neutrality.

iMasons Innovation Incubator

Connecting the dots.
Building the blocks.

We are creating a platform to turn ideas into reality, in line with the Sustainability Framework, and in collaboration with Climate Accord. Our purpose is:

  1. to deliver real value to the industry, in the form of progress towards sustainability goals;
  2. to help innovative/sustainable projects or solutions find their place;
  3. to assist with problem areas where accepted conventions or lack of funding/collaboration impedes progress;
  4. to promote radical collaboration
Research & Thought Leadership Hivemind

The latest knowledge made available to all

The Digital Infrastructure industry moves at such a frenetic pace that it is difficult to pause and investigate what might be possible in the future. 

The Hivemind initiative looks to research institutions, academia, and other industries to find inspiring innovators to present topics of interest. 

Presentations will be accompanied or followed by conversations among attending Members to discuss potential impacts to data center design and operations.

Potential Possibilities Think Tank

What is the size of the prize?

What if CPUs ran 100% of the time? How could we support adjacent industries if all servers were liquid cooled? Would we design data centers differently if the grid could only support 1/100th of the current power utilization?

The Think Tank has been established to break down mental barriers to re envision the data center future in a world where problems are already solved.

A series of interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs who have accomplished more in their fields than once thought possible will lead attendees to think differently by an order of magnitude for a renewed sense of what’s truly possible.



Romain Tranchant

Innovation Chair


2022 Technology Champion Award
2022 Technology Champion Award
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