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Italy Local Chapter Meeting

The event will be opened by the Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition. The main theme of the event is around hybrid data center environments and Edge and Hyperscale trends in the Italian DC arena. The organizers have kindly invited iMasons to present and workshop the IM Sustainability Framework at this event.

Chapter Meeting Topic: iMasons Data Center Sustainability Framework

Both hyper-scale and global enterprises are driving for change, insisting on a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future. Currently, there is no standardized measure as to what constitutes a “sustainable data center”, nor is there a scale to measure a data center’s progress in achieving sustainability goals. The iMasons Sustainability Committee has developed a Sustainability Data Center Framework which provides an industry best practice for building and running a sustainable data center.The Framework was developed by the IM Sustainability Management Committee and will be workshopped at all IM Chapters in 2022 to leverage the brainpower of the Global membership – all feedback will be submitted to the IM Sustainability Committee for review / inclusion.

Thanks to Stefano Mozzato for organizing and supporting the IM Italy Chapter and to Davide Ortisi from Data Centre Nation for the opportunituy to speak and leverage this event for the important discussions on sustainability.

Date: May 18, 2022
Local time: TBA
Location: Data Centre Nation Milan Expo. Milano Convention Centre

Participation is open to all conference attendees. To register for the conference, please use the link below. All iMasons members receive a discount (315 Euro vs 450 Euro) with the coupon code imasons.

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