Charitable donations, including to the iMasons scholarship fund, are received by our charity, Digital Infrastructure Futures Foundation (DIFF).

The Digital Infrastructure Futures Foundation

To maximize our impact on our strategic objectives, iMasons has created the Digital Infrastructure Futures Foundation (DIFF) with the mission to accelerate the adoption and use of digital infrastructure by increasing education and access to opportunities for underrepresented communities. 

The formation of DIFF provides these benefits:

  • As a 501c3 charity, contributions to DIFF by individuals are tax deductible as charitable donations in the US and many other countries;
  • DIFF is eligible for employee giving programs of most large employers, making it easy for those employees to give;
  • DIFF is eligible for an employer match to most employee donations, amplifying the impact of employee donations;
  • DIFF is eligible for gifts from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), which are a common way for wealthy individuals in the US to give to charities;
  • DIFF is eligible for grants from large foundations and government agencies.

In the near term DIFF will focus on supporting the iMasons scholarship program. In the longer term, DIFF’s activities will expand to include initiatives to address the digital divide and potentially other focuses.

Sponsorship payments from iMasons Partner companies should still be paid directly to iMasons. In many cases, iMasons forwards a portion to DIFF.

Ways to Give

To make a donation to the IM Scholarship Fund via DIFF, you’re welcome to donate using any of the options below:

  1. If you work for Apple, Google, Microsoft or any other large company that has a formal employee giving program, please donate to DIFF directly through your employer’s giving portal. Search for “DIFF” in the list of causes available to donate to. Most of these employers will match your donations, doubling the impact of your generosity.
  2. Donate via our online payment option below. You’ll receive a confirmation of your donation via email.
  3. Donate from your Donor Advised Fund. If you have a DAF, DIFF may be available in the list of charities.
  4. Mail a check. If donating via check, please make payable to DIFF, include “iMasons Scholarship Fund” on the memo line, and mail to the following address. You’ll receive confirmation of your donation by email or letter.
    c/o Infrastructure Masons
    3855 SW 153rd Drive
    Beaverton, OR 97003

Contact us at iMasons if you have questions or need more information.