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Apprenticeship Programs for the Digital Infrastructure Industry

As apprenticeship programs gain traction within the industry, we recognize that many companies are either in the initial stages of implementation or contemplating their launch. This practical guide is written to support
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State of the Digital Infrastructure Industry – Annual Report 2024

iMasons believes our industry’s approach to address the world’s growing demand for digital infrastructure must be collaborative, responsible and sustainable.
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Fostering Gender Inclusivity in the Data Center Industry

Throughout 2023, iMWomen conducted an anonymous survey of over 500 women in the digital infrastructure industry around the globe. The intention of this white paper is to provide helpful solutions
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Inclusion Case Study: Providing Different Pathways into the Digital Infrastructure Industry

Based on an interview with Lee Kirby, Chairman & Co-Founder of Salute Salute specializes in bringing ex-Armed Forces and military spouses into the industry, can you share a bit more
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Inclusion Case Study: CNet Training

Interview with Andrew Stevens, President and CEO of CNET Training. What does diversity and inclusion mean to you? Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to making any business a good place
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Building the Future of Data Centers: The Journey of a Capstone Education Program

In a world ever more reliant on digital infrastructure, it’s critical to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in this field. To address this need, the data center
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Watch: Sustainability Committee Workshop in Oslo

In October 2023 at Datacloud ESG in Oslo, key members of the iMasons Sustainability Committee held a workshop to get input on the guidance recently published by ITU and GeSI
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How to Work from Home… Not Always in your PJs

Remote work is becoming increasingly common and is a totally different experience than beginning your career in a traditional office. It comes with many benefits, such as unparalleled flexibility but
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iM Women Masterclass: Public Speaking

iM Women's Amber Caramella and Nancy Novak from iM Women, led a masterclass on public speaking and discussed the top ways to be successful in your next public speaking opportunity
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IMWomen Masterclass: How to Foster Strong Mentor Relationships

IMWomen's Katie O'Hara and Lehmann Koo hosted an online masterclass on finding, creating, and building a mentor/mentee relationship.
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Diversity & Inclusion Best Practice Guide

The purpose of the D&I Best Practice Guide is to help companies working in the Digital Infrastructure Industry introduce a D&I Program to help attract, recruit and retain people from
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