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Japan Local Chapter Meeting

The Japan Local Chapter meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2021, 19:00-20:15 JST.

Infrastructure Masons Overview

Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a global, non-profit, professional association of people motivated to make a better-connected world for everyone.

The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back.  We are guided by an Advisory Council of global leaders who manage the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world.  Our four strategic industry priorities are to – enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, promote Innovation and Technical Excellence, and inspire Sustainability – are embodied by our members and endorsed by our partners.

Whenever we meet, we leave our companies at the door.


Local Chapters

iMasons was established in 2016 on the West coast USA. In order to scale, and deliver the platform globally, iMasons is establishing Local or Regional Chapters.

There are issues that face the industry that can be better addressed collectively – and iMasons is the platform to coordinate and focus this effort. Global iMasons initiatives, such as bridging the talent gap and addressing diversity and inclusion can be more effectively executed regionally by iMasons who understand the dynamics of that region.

iMasons French Chapter Meeting June 2019

Japan Local Chapter – May 20th Virtual Meeting

The meeting will commence with an introduction to the iMasons and an explanation of the work we do. We’ll share experiences from other Chapters and have an open discussion on what the Japan Chapter could practically and realistically achieve by working together, leaving our companies at the door, that couldn’t be achieved individually.


19:00 Welcome – iMasons Board Member (by video)

19:05 Presenting the iMasons Priorities / Pillars (Committee leaders – by video)

19:15 What is the purpose of an iMasons Chapter and how do they work?

19:20 Sharing Experiences from other Chapters – Simon Allen Executive Director

19:30 Open discussion – Would there be value in forming an iMasons Japan Chapter

20:00 Conclusions and next steps

20:15 End

Japan Local Chapter Registration
To register for the Japan Local Chapter meeting, please RSVP on our event page. If you’re not a current iMasons member, you can quickly and easily join online.

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