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APAC Regional Member Summit – Virtual Event

APAC Regional Member Summit
April 16, 2021

The 2021 APAC Regional Member Summit was held on April 16th, 2021: 08:00 (ICT), 09:00 (CST, HKT, SGT), 02:00 (GMT), 06:30 (IST), 18:00 (15th – PST), 11:00 AEST.

This session provided insights and topics specific to the APAC Builders of the Digital Age.

  • Technology Innovation: The Edge Materializes
  • Panel: APAC Outlook – What’s on the horizon?
  • Working Session: Introduction to the Technology Committee


Technology Innovation: The Edge Materializes

Over the last three years the Edge has been discussed and debated all over the world. The scale of opportunity is well understood but the question remains as to how these deployments will materialize as an end-to-end Edge solution and what does the corresponding revenue model look like.

At the Americas Summit Dean Nelson, iMasons Founder and Chairman, discussed a game changing development in Edge deployments from the Autonomy Institute – PINN (Public Infrastructure Network Nodes) already being deployed across the USA.

At the APAC Summit Dean explored , with the Autonomy Institute, the wide range of innovative technologies that we’ll see deliver Edge in other regions. Many leaders believe that Edge finally delivering high speed computing capabilities to the last 250m will stimulate the largest productivity increase in world history.

Panel: APAC Outlook – what’s on the horizon?

Gain unique insights into what’s driving the dramatic growth in Digital Infrastructure across APAC directly from the iMasons Chapter leaders in the region.

Each iMasons APAC chapter leader will explore and share their input on three questions:

  • What growth do you anticipate?
  • What are the drivers for this growth?
  • What are the obstacles to growth?

Working Session: Introduction to the Technology Committee

Technology and Innovation has always been a key area of interest for iMasons members – and we’re about to launch a Committee to leverage the collective brain power of the iMasons community to discover and guide new innovative and disruptive technology in the Digital infrastructure industry.

This working session provided a platform to think beyond individual companies and cooperate in ways that will fully realize the potential and promise of advancing technology in Digital Infrastructure in a way that will benefit us all. Following an introduction and positioning from Dean Nelson there was an interactive working session where attendees discussed what projects this new committee should be getting its teeth into.

Thank you to our media partner InterGlobix Magainze. For past iMasons media coverage, check out the iMasons Cover Story and the iMasons 2020 Awards.

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