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Three New Local Chapters Announced in 2022

iMasons was established in 2016 on the West coast of the United States of America. But the demand for data centers exists around the world. In order to scale, and deliver the platform globally, iMasons began establishing Local or Regional Chapters.

Local Chapter’s are a geographically specific area or region where the Digital Infrastructure Industry benefit from regional focus and coordination. By collectively addressing global industry issues at the regional level, iMasons local chapter members are able to provide input and develop execution plans while taking into consideration the dynamics of the region.

There are issues that face the industry that can be better addressed collectively – and iMasons is the platform to coordinate and focus this effort. Global iMasons initiatives, such as bridging the talent gap and addressing diversity and inclusion can be more effectively executed regionally by iMasons who understand the dynamics of that region.

In the last 3 months, iMasons is proud to have added 3 new local chapters.


The iMasons Local Chapter in Brazil was launched in August 2022 with the support of Scala Data Centers and it’s leadership Agostinho Villela, Christiana Weisshuhn, and Fernanda Bispo. iMasons Executive Director Jeff Omelchuck visited Scala in August and shared:

“It was such a pleasure to learn more about iMason’s newest Foundation Partner, Scala, based in Brazil and the new host of iMasons Brazil Local Chapter. They are well on the way to building a 500 MW campus in Sao Paulo, including some 7-story DCs, all powered by 100% renewable energy! And a shout out to Cyre Denny and Francisco Degelo for help with the match-making, and to Gustavo Moraes of the Assoc. of Brazilian Data Centers (ABDC) for welcoming iMasons to Brazil. We all have much good work to do together to increase the flow of talent into the industry.”

The Latin America continent is facing an issue that affects all players in the technology industry: the lack of people with STEM skills. The Brazil iMasons Chapter aims to get the ball rolling in this high priority subject and share some innovations on how to address this concern by unleashing a series of actions, including raising the awareness on the issue, reaching out to underprivileged communities to divulge technical professions, and high impact enablement programs.

To get involved with the Brazil Local Chapter, contact:


The iMasons Local Chapter in Mexico was announced at in September of 2022 at DCD Cancun.

The launch of the iMasons Mexico Chapter hosted by Foundation Partner Kio Networks and supported by Cyre and others at Schneider. Follows on the heels of iMasons new Brazil Chapter launched just last month, iMasons has been increasing traction in LATAM. The Mexico Local Chapter is currently seeking members who want to get involved with the development of the Chapter. Interested persons can contact Cyre Denny at Schneider or the Chapter chair, Kio CEO Santiago Suinaga.


After the awards ceremony in London, iMasons Chairman and Founder Dean Nelson traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to meet with Kasi and Lagos State University, as well as local government officials.

A great beneficiary of iMasons scholarships in the past have been students from the African continent. We’re committed to supporting their fast growing infrastructure, and have set a goal to offer 1000 scholarships in Nigeria in 2023. We are excited to partner with Lagos State University to

Watch the National TV Coverage of Kasi Cloud’s new Foundry Ecosystem

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