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Rahi Joins Infrastructure Masons as Foundation Partner

Rahi, a globally known  IT Infrastructure, Data Center Transformation, Audio/Video, Networking, Data Storage, and Security Solutions Provider have announced a strategic partnership with Infrastructure Masons (iMasons).

As a Foundation Partner, Rahi will work alongside iMasons to deliver a shared focus on diversity, inclusion and development that supports iMasons’ educational, networking and industry-supporting donation programs.

The iMasons are a global, non-profit association that unites industry professionals and business leaders who represent over $150 billion in digital infrastructure projects across 130 countries.

Covid-19 forced technology to advance by years and the ecosystems that have been adapted are now the new normal.  All industries, from basic businesses to complex enterprises have been touched by emerging digitalization trends which they may not have necessarily would have been pre-COVID 19.  Most importantly, they have learned that their business can rely on digital services and infrastructure. The last barriers around digital applications have truly been broken.

“Despite all of the services and solutions we offer at Rahi, digitalization and infrastructure were something that was not close to every customer. Right now, everybody knows how important digitalization is and how important the solutions and infrastructure which support this are. We now live in a world where without digital applications, you cannot drive your business. We are proud to partner with iMasons to further this cause in a meaningful way.” says Tarun Raisoni, CEO and Co-Founder of Rahi.

iMasons, focuses on promoting the image of the data center and the development of its professionals through its membership, events and industry participation. Since its launch in 2016, iMasons has been committed to the advancement of the industry, as well as empowering the use of infrastructure to better the economy, the environment and society.

“Rahi and iMasons are both dedicated to the advancement of new digital technologies and promoting best practises and ethos’ in Digital Infrastructure projects. Elevating technology globally is our core mission at Rahi and we look forward to collaborating with some of the world’s leading people in the industry.” says Raisoni.

“We are proud to welcome Rahi Systems as an iMasons Foundation Partner” said Dean Nelson, iMasons Founder and Chairman. “Rahi is known within the industry for giving back and their values align well to the iMasons strategic priorities – increase Awareness, enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, and promote Sustainability. Rahi’s portfolio spans 17 countries mapping directly to concentrations of iMasons’ members. We look forward to working together to expand the reach and impact of the digital infrastructure community.”

The traditional idea of digital transformation which people have known, the internal resistance or cost blockers traditionally associated with transforming their technological abilities, have been irrevocably changed.  COVID-19 was the wake-up call which many companies needed to transform their technical abilities. It has created an extreme boom in the readiness of companies to get prepared for the new era of digitalization, and the next pandemic that might come along.

Together Rahi and iMasons will collaborate and engage to ensure diversity, inclusiveness and sustainability are top of mind in the delivery of these technologies, globally.


Rahi is known globally for providing IT Infrastructure, Data Center Transformation, Audio/Video, Networking, Data Storage, and Security Solutions.

Since 2012, Rahi has harnessed the ongoing evolution of technologies, allowing businesses to overcome complex challenges. Through the integration of technology from their diverse partner landscape and an ever-growing global team of 700 people in 40 locations, Rahi elevates digital transformation to create integrated IT environments and drive competitive advantages.

The hyper-scale start-up covers the full lifecycle of technology solutions and works across various IT disciplines which are required to advance digital businesses. Their core service areas include assessment, design, purchasing and project implementation along with managed services and 24/7, 365 support. Rahi works with companies to manage and de-mystify the complexity within technology. This ultimately elevates digital performance whether that is in the data center or enterprise office.

With its global footprint, team resources, and strong vendor relationships, Rahi has the ability to deliver and advance technology anywhere in the world. Few companies are positioned to compete with the leading IT service company who is trusted by some of the world’s largest technology and enterprise companies.


Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a non-profit, professional association of technology and business leaders who represent over $150Bn in infrastructure projects in over 130 countries. The organization is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of global leaders who manage some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world. The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back. Members leave their companies at the door and connect as individuals. IMasons has four strategic industry priorities – increase Awareness, enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, and inspire Sustainability through deep member engagement. Visit the website at

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