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Infrastructure Masons Announces 2020 IM 100 Award Winners

iMasons recognize the “Builders of the Digital Age” at IM Awards Ceremony

Infrastructure Masons 2020 Award Ceremony was held virtually on December 16th at 12pm PST featuring the winners of the IM100 Awards.

The IM100 Award recognizes 100 individuals who have contributed to the infrastructure industry through the iMason’s strategic pillars – Education, Sustainability, and Diversity and Inclusion.

There were over 200 nominations for this prestigious award and comprised of many impressive accomplishments.  These one hundred winners are making remarkable contributions towards the digital infrastructure industry.  These winners span 11 different countries and 32 different companies.

The Infrastructure Masons congratulates the following IM 100 winners…

Ali Fenn

Amber Caramella

Amy Marks

Andrea Garrison

Andrew Jay

Andrew Schaap

Andrew Stevens

Annika Svensson

Ashley Ball

Bart Korink

Begona Cerdan

Beth Gentle

Bill Kleyman

Brian Davis

Cara Mascini

Carissa Clark

Carrie Goetz

Charisse Richards

Chris Crosby

Christina Abraham

Claudia Massey

Curt Belusar

Danielle Edberg

Darin Daskarolis

Debra Vieira

Dennis Cronin

Donata Guerrini

Doris Yeh

Dr. Julie Albright

Elizabeth Snyder

Emma Fryer

Emmeline Tang

“Eric Wilcox”

Fiona Lau

Frederic Xerri

Hannah Ormondroyd

Harkeeret Singh

Heather Dooley

Isabelle Kemlin

Ivonne Valdes

Jaime Leverton

Jarret Appleby

Jason Black

Jason Okroy

Jean He

Jeremy Rodriguez

Jim Harding

Joanna Soucy

Jocelyn Graham

John Schmidt

Kacey Armstrong

Katie O’Hara

Keri Gilder

Laurie Oswald

Lee Kirby

Lex Coors

Liz Raven

Lovisa Hagelberg

Maile Kaiser

Marc Bhuyan

Maria Riva

Mark Swift

Martin Lynch

Martin Murphy

Michael Lahoud

Michael Tobin

Nancy Novak

Narendra Sen

Patricia Rodriguez

Patrik Ohlund

Paul Finch

Paul Szurek

Peter Hopton

Peter Jones

Phillip Marangella

Rachel Peterson

Randy Brouckman

Raymond Tong

Rhonda Ascierto

Rob Johnson

Ryo Kurita

Santiago Suinaga

Sarah McComb

Serena DeVito

Skyler Holloway

Sophia Flucker

Spas Lazarov

Su Cheng Harris Simpson

Sunita Bottse

Sureel Choksi

Suzie Gleeson

Svein Atle Hagaseth

Tarun Raisoni

Terri Simpkin

Tom Moran

Tony Bishop

Tor Kristian Gyland

Yuval Bachar

Zahl Limbuwala

Zaid Ali Kahn

“Without the digital infrastructure that this community builds and operates, the world would slow down, even regress. But look at what we have been able to achieve during a global pandemic. This industry has delivered unprecedented growth even with significant limitations in travel, on-site access, supply chain deliveries, hiring and working with many people that we have yet to meet in person. We have pivoted. The innovation has continued. Companies have undergone massive digital transformations in very short periods of time and delivered results. In the midst of adversity, technology has never played such a critical part of our daily lives. It has become the great unifier.”- Dean Nelson, CEO at Virtual Power Systems


Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a non-profit, professional association of technology and business leaders who represent over $150Bn in infrastructure projects in over 130 countries. The organization is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of global leaders who manage some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world. The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back. Members leave their companies at the door and connect as individuals. IMasons has four strategic industry priorities – increase Awareness, enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, and inspire Sustainability through deep member engagement. Visit the website at

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