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Liz Raven Appointed EMEA Lead of iMasons Millennials-Gen Z MRG

Infrastructure Masons is thrilled to announce the appointment of Liz Raven as EMEA Lead of iMasons Millenials/Gen-Z MRG.

The goal of the Millennials/GenZ Member Resource Group is to increase awareness and inspire innovation among the future digital builders of this world, while giving them safe spaces to ask questions and grow their knowledge.

Objectives iMasons Millenials/Gen-Z MRG

  • To educate the industry on better ways to interact with the youth and future data center professionals.
  • Design programs around education and mentorship for young people to get more interested in the technology field. 
  • Help all members and community organizations diversify their employee base with young people and people of diversity. 
  • Remove barriers to entry for younger people wanting to enter the industry.
  • Support and further STEM (STEAM) programs around the country to facilitate more thinkers and innovators in the technology space.
  • Provide a safe and anchoring space for Millennials and Gen Z members who wish to further their career in the tech space.

“I’m so excited to be involved with iMasons and to have joined the team representing millennials. I’ve always been fortunate that my experiences working within the Tech and Construction industry have both been very positive and rewarding. My mission is to share this positivity and develop awareness to the ever changing tech and data centre environment.” Liz Raven

Liz will join Bill Kleyman (Millennial-GenZ Chair) and Kacey Armstrong (Millennial-GenZ Co-Chair) on the Millennial-GenZ leadership team.“The young generation of future digital builders just got another incredible champion to help them dream and innovate. With Liz Raven joining the iMasons organization and being appointed as the EMEA Lead of iMasons Millenials/Gen-Z MRG (Member Resource Group), we as a community can broaden our reach and create more possibilities and opportunities for the young people in this world. We’re excited to work with Liz to help us guide the young minds of tomorrow.” Bill Kleyman

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities

The Infrastructure Millennial-GenZ Committee will have several duties as part of the larger iMasons organization. This includes:

  • Recruit new members and bring candidates to the board for review.

  • Develop new programs for companies, schools, and local communities to help further young people in the tech space. This includes scholarship opportunities, speaking engagements, event leadership, and so on.Be an active participant in all iMasons events and meetings.

  • Be an active resource to all iMasons members and leaders.

  • Develop a platform for young people to interact with industry leaders.

  • Develop a forum for open communication between established technology leaders and young people coming into the industry.

  • Develop a new stream of candidates for member organizations to help fuel diversity in our industry.

How to Participate

Participation starts with a simple ‘hello.’ Our digital industry needs young people to lead the future. But, it’s sometimes hard to get started. So, to participate and have your voice be heard, simply start by visiting the iMasons webpage and navigate to the Millennial/GenZ MRG page. From there, just reach out, and we can find a way for you to become a more significant part of this industry. Your participation can include:

  • Contributions to major industry blogs

  • Become a member of the iMasons organization and gaining access to the leaders of the digital world

  • Speaking opportunities in front of industry leaders and peers

  • Networking opportunities and a chance to expand your knowledgeAn opportunity to become heard as a young part of our industry

  • Help shape and shift policies and procedures to help more young people join the industry

  • Become a technology leader and help others in your age group to understand the impacts of a digital society
To sign up as an iMasons member, visit our website. Joining only takes a minute and it’s free for students.


Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a non-profit, professional association of technology and business leaders who represent over $150Bn in infrastructure projects in over 130 countries. The organization is guided by an Advisory Council comprised of global leaders who manage some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world. The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back.

Members leave their companies at the door and connect as individuals. iMasons has four strategic industry priorities – increase Awareness, enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, and inspire Sustainability through deep member engagement. Visit the website at

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