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State of the Digital Infrastructure Industry: Power [Webinar]

The projected global growth of Digital Infrastructure to meet accelerating demand for electronic services will require access to additional electric power, which is a challenge in almost every market in the world and why power is the top-of-mind challenge to growth across the industry.

Join iMasons Chairman and Founder, Dean Nelson for a live discussion covering in-depth insights from the Annual iMasons State of the Industry.

Colby Cox, from DC Byte, will join Dean to discuss the global power constraints and trends in established and merging markets. 

The discussion will take place on LinkedIn Live, May 14th at 10:30am PDT.

Guest Presenter: Colby is an experienced data center professional with extensive technical expertise and a profound understanding of the evolving technologies and trends that are shaping the data center landscape in the Americas. Prior to joining DC Byte, Colby held a key position in QTS Data Centers, a prominent provider in the industry. As the head of the channel organization, he collaborated with real estate consultancy firms, hyperscale companies, Fortune 1000 organizations, and the Federal Government. His role involved keeping them informed about the latest developments in the region to ensure the successful deployment of critical IT assets. When he’s not driving progress and fostering growth in the data center sector, Colby enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. Occasionally, you might spot him on the golf course, unwinding and indulging in his favorite sport.

State of the Industry Report: Over the last year, Infrastructure Masons has collected input from our members to create and publish the Infrastructure Masons State of the Industry report. 

With contributions from 500+ experts in 50+ countries across six continents, this report is a must-read deep dive into the future of infrastructure, addressing the challenges and opportunities shaping the course of our industry.

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