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State of the Digital Infrastructure Industry: Planet [Webinar]

As iMasons members discussed the challenges of power, people and perception driven by the unprecedented demand for Digital Infrastructure, another key issue continued to loom: the planet. The industry will grow to meet demand. Without a deliberate focus on decarbonization in growth decisions the industry’s carbon footprint will significantly increase, making net-zero commitments unachievable. iMasons view growth-at-all-costs as unacceptable and made protecting the planet a top priority.

Join iMasons Chairman and Founder, Dean Nelson for a live discussion covering in-depth insights from the Annual iMasons State of the Industry.

Miranda Gardiner, ICA Executive Director, will join Dean to discuss achieving net zero carbon while the industry triples in size.

The discussion will take place on LinkedIn Live, May 21st at 11:00am PDT.

Guest Presenter: With 16+ years of experience, Miranda is a driven and professional manager with extensive industry experience in green buildings, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable master plans and policies. She is passionate about the environment and improving sustainability practices through local and global engagement, with a proven record of working for internationally recognized organizations like the US Green Building Council. Miranda is an enthusiastic author and public speaker who clearly communicates with peers, clients, and corporate to achieve individual and departmental goals. She thrives in implementing sustainable practices that result in significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Additionally, Miranda is distance running coach and cycling instructor, who believes that caring for oneself resonates in caring for the planet; she has completed 8 marathons and 3 ultramarathons.

State of the Industry Report: Over the last year, Infrastructure Masons has collected input from our members to create and publish the Infrastructure Masons State of the Industry report. 

With contributions from 500+ experts in 50+ countries across six continents, this report is a must-read deep dive into the future of infrastructure, addressing the challenges and opportunities shaping the course of our industry.

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