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UK Local Chapter Meeting

The overarching aim of iMasons is to Connect, Grow and Give Back“.  An iMasons Local Chapter is a geographically specific area or region where the Digital Infrastructure Industry (End Users and Partners) benefit from regional focus and coordination. Whenever iMasons meet – we leave our companies at the door.

The UK Local Chapter meeting was held March 4, 2021, 11:30-13:00 GMT.

UK Chapter Supporting the iMasons Strategic Priorities

How can the iMasons UK Chapter and it’s members best support the four strategic industry priorities to – enhance Education opportunities, champion Diversity & Inclusion, promote Innovation and Technical Excellence, and inspire Sustainability

Following a welcome, the meeting kicked off with 4 short (5 minute) positioning presentations on each of the four strategic industry priorities. The presentation also included a briefing on the structure and purpose of each committee followed by a working session (15 minutes) on each pillar in total.

The working session covered

  1. Should the UK set up sub-committees on some / all pillars (call for volunteers?*)
  2. How can UK members best add value?
  3. Top 3 objectives – Activities to meet objectives (can be aligned with iM Global objectives as described in positioning presentation)

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