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Singapore Local Chapter Meeting

The Singapore Chapter met on March 26, 2021 to learn how the digital infrastructure industry is addressing talent development

The overarching aim of iMasons is to “Connect, Grow and Give Back“.  An iMasons Local Chapter is a geographically specific area or region where the Digital Infrastructure Industry (End Users and Partners) benefit from regional focus and coordination. Whenever iMasons meet – we leave our companies at the door.

Background and Agenda

According to a recent market report, 140,000 new staff need to be hired in the next 5 years to support the tremendous growth of the data center industry in APAC and the industry is keenly aware of the need to build the talent pipeline. Infrastructure Masons hosted its Singapore chapter meeting on 26 March 2021 to discuss talent development for the digital infrastructure industry

The meeting included a fireside chat where the speakers shared experiences on the journey behind the NTU, CBRE & Facebook pilot program to develop data center talent.

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The second half of the meeting included a panel discussion on steps to address talent crisis and increase industry awareness of prospective job seekers (speakers included data center operators and experts).

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