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New York City Local Chapter Meeting

iMasons members in the New York City area met on September 30th (3:00-5:00pm ET) for a Local Chapter meeting. The in-person participants were treated to spectacular views of NY Harbor and Lady Liberty from the 20th floor of Amelia’s NYC HQ building in the Financial District on the southern tip of Manhattan, plus there were another 30 or so members participating virtually. Digital Infra pros from the FinTech heavyweights were on-hand, including Bloomberg, JPMC, BofA and BNYMellon. Dean started with a welcome and quick overview of iMasons for the newbies and rolled right into a thought-provoking presentation on something he’s been chewing on recently: a new PUE 2.0 illuminating the over-provisioning of power, or under-utilization of power, common in our industry, and the savings in dollars, power, and GHG emissions that can be had by improving power utilization.


Dean then shifted to focus on the primary topic of the meeting, the application of digital labor in the digital infra industry as a partial solution to the looming talent shortage. Jonathan Crane of Amelia backed Dean up with a fascinating background on the business case for and current status of digital professional labor. The participants were then witness to a demonstration of a real-world application of digital labor in the digital infra industry. Amelia managed capacity for a colocation provider, adding circuits dynamically under natural language text direction from a technician.

As usual, we then leveraged the experience of the iMasons in attendance by splitting into smaller discussion groups to brainstorm what roles in our industry could be served by digital labor, and the attendant benefits and challenges. Each group, in-person and virtual, reported their discussion. We wrapped the event, as usual, with a group photo of the assembled builders of the digital age.

Thanks to the crew at Amelia for hosting us in your beautiful HQ. It was an awesome meeting!

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