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Hong Kong Local Chapter Launch

Hong Kong, 27 July 2021 – Infrastructure Masons announced the launch of the iMasons Hong Kong Chapter and are delighted that Raymond Tong has taken the role of Chapter lead. For the launch Raymond invited industry leaders including Dennis W.Donald Yijun TanFiona LauFranco LanFreda NgFred Sheu, Hailong Shang, Helen LoIsabel FanLeo LiuLouis MahNiQ Lai and Wilson Ching

The Infrastructure Masons are a global, non-profit, professional association for people working in Digital Infrastructure – and we’re guided by an Advisory Council of leaders who are committed to make a better-connected world for everyone.

The iMasons’ community includes some of the largest and most progressive technology portfolios in the world – and we have a simple mission – to provide a platform for our members to connect with each other, help each other grow, and to give back – for example giving back by helping the next generation with scholarships or helping all future generations by leveraging technology to find solutions to a sustainable future.

The unique quality of the infra Masons is that whenever we meet we leave our companies at the door – we believe in the collective power of connecting business professionals throughout our industry – and that Through international dialogue and knowledge sharing, we can achieve great things together!

We’re honoured to have SuneVision as a valued Foundation Partner and to have Raymond Tong’s leadership on our Advisory Council for almost 3 years now – helping foster the advancement of technology and the sustainable growth of digital infrastructure.“We are delighted to have Raymond Tong’s leadership to help foster the sustainable growth of digital infrastructure through our member and partner collaboration” said Dean Nelson, founder & Chairman of iMasons.

Globally iMasons now have 14 Local Chapters outside the USA and, with the addition of Hong Kong, we now have 5 chapters  in APAC – including India, Singapore, Thailand and Australia and we’re also working with partners to organise events in mainland China.

“We are thrilled to play a key role in advancing the digital infrastructure industry in the region by enabling local and global peers to connect, grow and give back through iMasons. With Hong Kong being an international business hub in Asia and worldwide, the digital infrastructure industry will inevitably act as the backbone of the digital economy as the city continues to thrive. We look forward to working together with industry players to create a better, sustainable digital future.” said Raymond.

iMasons Executive Director Simon Allen also joined the launch remotely. “The Infrastructure Masons is growing rapidly in terms of members, stature, and impact – to sustain this growth infra Masons have a network of Local Chapters to scale and support infra Mason members worldwide. Raymond’s passion for sustainable digital infrastructure is well known and we are delighted that he has accepted the role of Chapter lead”

The purpose of a Local Chapter is to provide a platform for people working in digital infrastructure in that region  to  cooperate – so they can benefit from regional focus and coordination – again, leaving companies at the door. The work of Local Chapters is normally aligned to the infra Masons strategic priorities – Sustainability, Education, Diversity and Inclusion and Technology – but with a focus on how to best advance and support these priorities in that region.

In line with Raymond’s passion for sustainability, the launch dinner was held at a Hong Kong restaurant with a Micheline Green Star.

Learn more about the Hong Kong Chapter:

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