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iM Women Appoints Regional Chairs to Complete Global Board

iM Women has appointed a Global Board in order to better represent the women of the digital infrastructure industry. 

iM Women is a Member Resource Group within iMasons that aims to increase diversity and the number of women pursuing careers in infrastructure as well as the career advancement of women currently in the industry. In this pursuit, 2023 has focused on a global expansion for iM Women. 

Earlier this year, Global Chair of iM Women Heather Dooley announced there would be 4 Regional Chair roles responsible for advancing the iM Women community through the delivery of programs tailored to each region.

4 Regional Chair Roles: US-West, US-East, EMEA, APAC

In July of 2023, iM Women announced that Donna Bridgman and Suzanne O’Toole were named Regional Chairs of APAC and EMEA respectively.

Now, iM Women is proud to complete the Global board with Mara Ervin as Regional Chair of US-East and Rhea Williams as Regional Chair of US-West.

About Mara:

Mara Ervin is currently the Head of Sales for the U.S. entity of ONNEC, a  leading independent technology partner and global integrator.  Mara is experienced in driving emerging technology and creating programs across the digital infrastructure ecosystem with a focus on creating a crafted customer experience for each client.  

Mara’s passion is using her work to find ways to give back to the community and to drive digital inclusion to ensure everyone has equal opportunity. She enjoys mentoring others, and helping others be successful and find their passions. Her motto is “There is always room for one more at the table”.

About Rhea:

Rhea Williams is the Chief Commercial Officer of E3 Platforms, a new data center developer and operator in the US. She was most recently the Site Selection Principal for Oracle in EMEA focused on European markets. Rhea has worked for other providers such as Compass and NTT and started her career with Digital Realty on their Global Sales team. 

Rhea shared, “I am very excited to engage in this community deeper and create more opportunities for us to connect and support each other as women in the digital infrastructure industry.”

Mara, Rhea, Donna, and Suzanne are joined by Global Chair Heather Dooley, and Executive Sponsor Amber Caramella.

“I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Mara, Rhea, Donna and Suzanne to increase awareness, retention and advancement of all women across the digital ecosystem. Each of these leaders bring new ideas and a strong commitment to build a more representative workforce across the industry. Their support of both regional and global programs help us develop a deeper reach across our community.  I’m truly excited for the current and future members of iM Women. #wearebettertogether”
Heather Dooley
Global Chair iM Women

As chairs, they will serve as ambassadors to both iM Women but also to all women in our industry. The iM Women Global board will work together to build more programs to serve the digital infrastructure industry by elevating the need for education, community-building, and the retention of women across the digital infrastructure ecosystem.  

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