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Digital Inclusion Initiatives at iMasons

We need your help to promote digital inclusion!

The iMasons Education program works to boost the flow of digital infrastructure talent by promoting awareness and education, partnering with quality programs, offering scholarships, and supporting curriculum development.

The Digital Infrastructure Futures Foundation (DIFF) is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on attracting new, diverse talent to the digital infrastructure industry by raising awareness, championing education programs, providing student scholarships, and enabling access to global digital infrastructure.

The Digital Infrastructure Futures Foundation focuses on digital inclusion by reducing barriers to digital connection, with a particular focus on underserved populations. 

In addition to offering scholarships, DIFF supports initiatives to provide devices to underserved populations in California. 

In collaboration with iMasons’ Board Member, Dr. Julie Albright, iMasons provides devices to teams of college students in Service Learning project courses at So. California hispanic and minority-serving colleges. 

To date, over 600 students have taken part of this “boots on the ground” approach to bringing the digital divide at Cal State LA and Cal Poly Pomona.

The students focus on a specific local population, write a proposal for how to help them get connected, deliver devices, and train the recipients in their use. In addition to the devices, the students then provide skills training and lessons in digital literacy and cyber security.

Past populations served by this program include Senior citizens, Elementary, Junior High, High School Kids, Low Income College Kids, Homeless Kids, Low Income Kids in After School Programs, Disabled Adults and children in foster care.

This critical digital skills training equips individuals with the knowledge and abilities sought after in the job market. By equipping elementary, junior high, and high school students with devices and digital skills, it enables them to access online educational resources, complete assignments, and participate in remote learning and higher education.  Bridging the digital divide through the provision of devices and skills training promotes social equity and reduces disparities in education and health care based on age, socioeconomic status, or language. 

Since 2021, DIFF has provided 141 Chromebooks and 175 Fire Tablets to low-income senior citizens, foster children, and homeless K-12 students in Southern California.

"This device will allow me to access my academics online from any location as opposed to just being stuck in a computer lab. There's no time restrictions when I have to leave or rush for deadlines. I'll have a better opportunity at looking resources online and accessing specific computer applications compared to a mobile device."- Leonardo

In order to continue our support of students like Leonardo and expand our reach outside of California, we need to raise more funds. 

Ways to Contribute:
  • Donations by individuals are tax deductible as charitable donations in the US and many other countries
  • DIFF is eligible for employee giving/ employer match programs of most large employers
  • DIFF is eligible for gifts from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)
  • Grants from large foundations and government agencies
  • Talk to your company about direct device donations


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