Member Resource Group (MRG) Proposal

iMasons is always looking to support and bolster small communities within the digital infrastructure. Member Resource Groups (MRGs) are based on member identity and affiliation and are open to all iMasons members.

The purpose of the Member Resource Groups is:

  • To create a community/home for all members where they feel a sense of belonging, can be their authentic self
  • To provide input and guidance to iMasons Leadership and highlight the value and advantage of diversity
  • Raise the visibility of the community within the industry
  • Develop a network with iMasons members

Please fill out the below form to help us understand the plan and scope of the potential MRG.

In order to set each new MRG up for success, a meeting is required to ensure the iMasons staff can prepare to provide adequate support. The proposed MRG chair will meet to pitch the MRG to the D&I Comm and to iMasons, either together or in separate meetings. In that meeting, we’ll dicuss any remaining questions not answered on the form, marketing needs, and a timeline for announcement. On approval of both we plan the launch activities.

Please reach out to if you have any further questions.

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Typical roles include MRG Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Sponsor, Events Lead