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Spain Local Chapter + Spain DC Annual Meeting

Spain DC, the Spanish Data Center Association, held its III Annual Meeting in
The event was an opportunity for companies and relevant professionals in the
technology and data center sector to discuss, through various panels, the main
trends and challenges facing the industry.
During the appointment, the employers' association presented the Professional
Profiles Report for the sector in Spain, which puts the number of talent additions
to the Data Center industry up to 2026 at 2,000.
In addition, the main European Data Center associations, companies such as
AQ Compute, Digital Valley or Accenture, and public entities such as the Port of
Barcelona, Barcelona Tech or the CTTi (Center for Telecommunications and
Information Technology of the Generalitat de Catalunya) also participated.
Spain DC, la Asociación Española de Data Centers, ha celebrado en Barcelona
su III Encuentro Anual. 
La cita ha servido para que las compañías y profesionales relevantes del sector
tecnológico y de los Data Centers aborden, a través de diversos paneles, las
principales tendencias y retos de la industria.
Durante el evento, la patronal presentó el Informe de Perfiles Profesionales del
sector en España, que cifra en 2.000 las incorporaciones de talento a la
industria del Data Center hasta 2026.
Además, participaron las principales asociaciones europeas de Data Center,
compañías como AQ Compute, Digital Valley o Accenture, y entes públicos
como el Port de Barcelona, Barcelona Tech o el CTTi (Centro de
Telecomunicaciones y Tecnologías de la Información de la Generalitat de

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