Sustainability solutions to protect generations to come.

“Every click improves the future.”

The Sustainability Committee focuses its efforts on establishing an industry framework for the design, build, and operation of a full life cycle sustainable infrastructure, so “Every Click Improves the Future.” 

We drive collaboration to collect and share best practices with operators, providers, supply chain professionals, and policymakers globally.

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“A foundational layer to what it is we're trying to do with ESG targets overall.”

Scott Armul
VP, Global Strategic Accounts

Sustainability Initiatives

Framework and Best Practice

Creating a sustainable data center lifecycle

The Industry Best Practice covers all phases of the life of a Data Center from planning to designing, building, operating, and decommissioning. It covers all aspects of sustainability including environmental and social impacts throughout the value chain — a complete life-cycle perspective.

Flexible, adaptable, and scalable to meet the developing needs of the industry, the model incorporates new ideas, innovations, and concepts as they are introduced.

iMasons Climate Accord

Enabling global carbon accounting and reduction in digital infrastructure

The iMasons Climate Accord is a coalition united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure. Launched in 2022, the organization has mobilized a community of 200+ members spanning data centers, networks, cloud computing, energy, and cybersecurity.

The Climate Accord Governing Body includes AWS, Digital Realty, Google, iMasons, Meta, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric. Members are working toward industry-wide adoption of an open standard to report carbon power, materials, and equipment to create a common maturity model to report progress.



Lovisa Hagelberg

Committee Chair


State of the Digital Infrastructure Industry: Planet [Webinar]
State of the Digital Infrastructure Industry: Planet [Webinar]
May 21, 2024 - Join iMasons Chairman and Founder, Dean Nelson, and ICA Executive Director, Miranda Gardiner, for a live…
Zeroing In: A look at the Past, Present and Future of the iMasons Climate Accord
Zeroing In: A look at the Past, Present and Future of the iMasons Climate Accord
February 21, 2024 - Join us for an update on the first two years of the Climate Accord including insights…
2023 Sustainability Award
2023 Sustainability Award
The iMasons Sustainability Champion Award recognizes individuals who are moving the needle globally on digital infrastructure sustainability through measurable results.…
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“It’s key for us to be part of iMasons as a means of learning from the leaders of the industry.”

Agostinho Villela
CTO & Engineering VP
Scala Data Centers

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