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The iMasons Millennial-Gen Z MRG is Now Emerging Professionals

iMasons are changing the name of the Millennial-Gen Z Member Resource Group to Emerging Professionals. This switch is to better show off the diverse skills and fresh ideas of young professionals joining the industry. The new name focuses on being inclusive and highlighting how these individuals are driving growth and new ideas, rather than just focusing on their age groups.

The leadership is staying the same and is excited about this change. They want to keep supporting the professional growth and teamwork of their members. By embracing “Emerging Talent,” they hope to create a space for new ideas and perspectives, ensuring the organization keeps growing and adapting along with the industry.

This name change shows the group’s commitment to keeping up with changes in the workforce. They want to recognize the unique skills and contributions of new professionals, so they can better serve their members and the industry overall. This forward-looking approach emphasizes diversity and innovation and makes sure all members feel valued and supported.

Connect with the Leaders of Emerging Professionals


Chris Stapakis


Emerging Professionals MRG


Valeriya Chulyukina


Emerging Professionals MRG


Lindsay McConnville


Emerging Professionals MRG


Liz Raven


Emerging Professionals MRG

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