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Additional Millennial-Gen Z Leaders Appointed

The iMasons Millennials and Gen Z Member Resource Group have chosen three more remarkable leaders who are making a big difference in the industry. These young talents have gained the trust and respect of their peers and industry experts. They are bringing new ideas and energy to shake things up and create positive changes. These leaders are not afraid to challenge the old ways of doing things and are determined to make the industry better. They have fresh perspectives and innovative approaches that are inspiring others and setting a great example for future leaders. Meet the new leaders who will be joining Bill Kleyman and Liz Raven:

Valeriya Chulyukina

Energy Project Engineer, Northshore

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Valeriya developed an appreciation for the environment and an interest in sustainability. She believes that new problems require new solutions, and she is excited to be a part of a team that gets to design them. Valeriya believes that we need innovative, new and data driven solutions to encourage energy savings. The impact that the data center industry has on energy consumption drew her to Northshore, and her internship experience is what made her want to stay. 

Previously, Valeriya worked on long-duration energy storage systems at a startup. She also researched alternatives to traditional HVAC systems and LCA during her time in school. She’s excited to be joining Northshore’s passionate team of engineers working on something that matters. 

Valeriya has a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in mathematics from Santa Clara University, and she loves to spend her free time traveling and being a hobby hopper!

Chris Stapakis

Project Engineer & Data Analyst, Northshore

As a Southern California native, Chris has always had a passion for green infrastructure and sustainability. While joining Northshore as an intern during his time at UCLA, he developed a fascination for sustainability project work through his hands-on experience and mentorship.

Previously, Chris worked in mechanical design labs on campus designing anything from 3D modeled rockets to a self leveling and tracking tripod system. Growing from his experience as an intern, he expanded his field of interest to include using data science to solve practical problems and help to process information associated with the operation of a successful data center.

Chris has a mechanical engineering degree with an emphasis in tech management from the University of California, Los Angeles. He spends his free time cooking for friends and exploring the greater Los Angeles region.

Lindsay McConnville

Energy Project Engineer, Northshore

Lindsay is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Santa Clara University. She has always had an interest in sustainability initiatives, which aligned well with Northshore’s mission of optimizing data centers through energy efficiency measures. This, along with her interest in working for an engineering start-up, drove her decision to join Northshore.

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