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Alison Marlow appointed the new Armed Forces MRG Chair

The Armed Forces Member Resource Group (MRG) aims to increase the number of military veterans, military spouses, guards, and reservists in the digital infrastructure industry worldwide.

Previously chaired by US Navy Commander (Ret) Tony Grayson and US Army Colonel (Ret) Lee Kirby, the group is pleased to announce Alison Marlow as the new Chair of the MRG. Tony Grayson will remain as Emeritus and Lee Kirby will continue to serve as the Executive Sponsor. 

Alison has been an active member of the Armed Forces MRG since June 2022. She currently works as an International Account Executive at Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation, and holds over seven years of experience in the Cloud and Service Provider segment. 

During her career, she has held global roles including an expedition through Western China where she and her team became the first Western individuals to explore uncharted territory. This expedition, along with many other unique global experiences, started Alison’s interest in the significance of exploration, cultural understanding, and conservation in addressing international challenges.

Alison experienced some significant struggles with trying to fit the wide array of skills and experiences that she had accumulated into traditional job descriptions and standard resumes – a struggle that Alison has since learned from her husband, a U.S. Army First Sergeant (Ret.), also resonates deeply within the military and military spousal community.

“I have a very unorthodox personal and professional background, which is very similar to many of our military and military spouses. I understand first-hand some of the challenges that many of them are facing during their transitions. I am excited to help share my experiences and build an active and supportive Military community in the Digital Infrastructure industry.” Alison shared.

Today, Alison is dedicated to making a positive impact within the corporate landscape by cultivating strategic partnerships and pioneering new frontiers. She works with organizations to better embrace those with non-traditional corporate backgrounds as well as working with the military community in assisting transitioning members and spouses. Alison helps them overcome obstacles, find meaningful work, happiness, long lasting successful careers, and an active supportive community.

In November 2023, the MRG hosted an event at DCD > Connect | Virginia for local veterans, military spouses, active duty, and ROTC cadets to learn about pursuing a career in the digital infrastructure industry. 

Lee Kirby presented the Salute and IM Armed Forces strategic relationship and an overview of the industry. The panel held was composed of leaders in the military community including the Honorable Paul Lawrence, 7th Under Secretary for Veterans Benefits, Army Veteran, Tin Witt, Director, Solutions Architect at EdgeConneX and Military Spouse,  Lieutenant General (R) Dash Jamieson and Air Force Veteran , and 12th SMA (R) Jack Tilley, Chairman of American Freedom Foundation and Host of Your Next Mission®.

In January 2023, the Armed Forces MRG hosted another successful event preceding PTC at the Halekulani for more than 100 current Armed Forces Service Members, Veterans, and Industry members alike on how being “Miliary Serious” creates successful careers and profitable businesses. 

Stay tuned for more events for the Armed Forces community in 2024.

If you are a veteran or know a veteran who would like to take advantage of scholarships, free training, educational media, and helpful links for your career, join the MRG and get in touch with Alison.

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