Guide to Providing High Resolution Photos and Images

iMasons utilizes photos and images on our website, social media, collateral, and printed industry publications. In order to ensure the best and highest quality display of these images, we ask that you submit a PNG or JPG image with a minimum of 300 DPI.

We’ve included some tips below to help you provide the requested image type:

How high does the resolution need to be?

The resolution (res) of a photo indicates how detailed an image is. Photos are made up of thousands of colored dots (also called pixels). The more dots per inch (dpi) in your image, the more detail you will see, and the clearer the picture will be.

If you aren’t sure how to determine whether your image meets our 300 dpi image requirement, a good rule of thumb is that it should be crystal clear in a 5² × 7² print, and the file size should be in the neighborhood of 3.5 MB.

When in doubt: choose a higher resolution image over a smaller resolution image. We can always make a photo smaller, but we can’t blow a low-res image up without sacrificing quality.

Can I provide a photo taken with my cell phone?

It is possible to set the resolution of images taken on an Android phone. iPhone images will default to the highest possible resolution. If you are taking a photo from an iPhone 12 or higher, the image should be of the correct quality.

Can I provide a photo from LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.?

Images uploaded to social websites go through compression and will result in 72 dpi, rather than 300 dpi. Please provide original images taken by a phone or camera.

A few other tips for providing quality photos and headshots

  • Portrait orientation is preferred
  • Clear, in-focus, and well lit
  • No distorting filters
  • If providing a headshot, an image from the waist up
  • Please do not provide photos in .pdf, .doc (MS Word), or other non-image-specific file formats