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Millennial/GenZ Virtual Event – Interrupting Bias

In today’s diverse workplaces, being inclusive is essential to working together effectively. However, it requires a shift in mindset, skills, and behaviors that may not have been emphasized in the past. Inclusion has become a critical skill that future leaders must master to be successful. 

Questions may arise, such as: 

  • What do you say when someone says something inappropriate at your meeting? 
  • What do you do when a joke is made that’s not a joke for everyone? 
  • And how do you even recongnize what is and isn’t acceptable? 
  • And what if the behavior comes from a senior leader, or even your own boss?

To help you address these challenges we are excite to offer all members of the Millennial/GenZ committee a complimentary 1-hour interactive online training session on Interrupting Bias. 

The session will help you find practical strategies for addressing bias in the workplace. We will practice with real-life scenarios commonly encountered in meetings and conferences in out industry. Through an interactive exercise, you’ll learn how to effectively and respectfully navigate these situations, helping you to contribute to a more inclusive work environment. 

Inge Woudstra will lead the training session. She is the Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager for iMasons. She brings 14+ years of experience working as an independent consultant and trainer in Diversity and Inclusion. Inge often works with leadership teams to create a strategy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), fostering comprehension and commitment to EDI. Additionally, she works with leaders and teams to drive behavioral transformation, facilitating the development of inclusive habits within every team and individual. 

Prior to her work in EDI, Inge worked in executive development, process design and change management in large organizations including Shell, Siemens, and Ashridge Business School. Inge is originally from The Netherlands and has lived and worked in India, the Middle East, Canada, and Belgium. The last 19 years she has been living and working in the UK. 

Date: May 14, 2024
Time: 10:30 – 11:30am CT
Location: Online 

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Millenial/GenZ Virtual Event - Interrupting Bias


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