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Attracting and Retaining Talent: Developing an Inclusive Culture in Digital Infrastructure [Webinar]

The Inclusion Committee is holding a webinar titled, “Attracting and Retaining Talent: Developing an Inclusive Culture in Digital Infrastructure”.

Recruiting staff is challenging, especially when aiming for diversity. Once hired, retention becomes a hurdle; 1 in 4 respondents report staff being lured away, with women more likely to exit.
However, success stories exist, and they share a common thread: companies that are better at attracting diverse staff focus on developing an inclusive culture. When people hear positive stories, they’re more likely to join and stay. Moreover, inclusivity doesn’t just benefit women or minority groups, it benefits everyone, boosting team performance by 50% and enhancing business decisions.
Key Topics:
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Cultivating Inclusivity
  • Leadership’s Role
  • Psychological Safety

Join us for an inspiring session, featuring insights and experiences from: 

Dame Dawn Childs, CEO of Pure DC
Dame Dawn Childs is the CEO of Pure Data Centres (Operations), responsible for the construction and operation of a global portfolio of hyperscale data centres. She has a track record of developing women in her organization as well as working to bring more women into engineering. She is a Trustee and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Deputy Chair of Worldskills UK, Chair of the iMasons Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and was the longest service President of the Women’s Engineering Society from 2018-2023.

Darryl Castellano, VP Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at WESCO

Darryl serves as the Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement at WESCO International where he leads diversity of experience and through to support and drive the company’s strategies in the most effective manner possible.


 Join us for an insightful webinar led by Inge Woudstra, the Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager at iMasons. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Inge and gain valuable insights on creating inclusive cultures and attracting underrepresented talent in the digital infrastructure industry.

Date: February 22, 2024
Time: 4:30pm London
Location: Zoom

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