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Ireland Local Chapter Meeting

iMasons was established in 2016 on the West coast USA. In order to scale, and deliver the platform globally, iMasons is establishing Local or Regional Chapters.

There are issues that face the industry that can be better addressed collectively – and iMasons is the platform to coordinate and focus this effort. Global iMasons initiatives, such as bridging the talent gap and addressing diversity and inclusion can be more effectively executed regionally by iMasons who understand the dynamics of that region.

iMasons Ireland Chapter – Members Meeting

Date: 17th November 2022
Location: RDS Dublin, Ballsbridge
Scope: Ireland Chapter Meeting​
Who’s attending/invited: Members – anyone attending DC Ireland (free event)
Room: Serpentine Theatre
Time: 10:30 – 12:30


10:30: Update on iMasons Global Chapters
10:40: Update: The iMasons Climate Accord (ICA)
10:50: Workshop – Leveraging the brain power and experience of iM Ireland Chapter Members
Prioritization and Short Term deliverables
11:30: Readouts
11:45: Discussion
12:00: Case Study: Progress to net Zero
12:20: Summary and Key Findings
12:30: Close

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