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India Local Chapter Meeting

Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a global, non-profit, professional association of men and women motivated to make a better-connected world for human beings. The iMasons vision is to Unite the Builders of the Digital Age by enabling our global membership to Connect, Grow, and Give Back.

An iMasons Local Chapter is a geographically specified area or region where the Digital Infrastructure Industry (End Users and Partners) benefit from regional focus and coordination. Whenever iMasons meet – we leave our companies at the door.

The iMasons India Chapter met for the first time in Mumbai during the Broad Group’s DataCloud event.

A workshop was arranged to determine the priorities of the iM India Chapter. Dean Nelson (iMason Founder and Chairman) and Simon Allen (iMason Executive Director) introduced the attendees to the purpose and value of the IMasons and how a iMasons Chapter could support the anticipated exponential growth in Digital Infrastructure. The attendees were then split into 3 groups to brainstorm the priorities then each group presented their findings.

Summary Results – How can iM India best support the DI industry, particularly in an environment of explosive growth? 

  •  Provide input to the Indian government. (iM India could consolidate collective efforts to help influence policy making for Dark Fibre, Data Centre Parks, etc. At the moment everyone is lobbying separately – iM is independent and we leave our companies at the door. Possibly have a delegation to talk with government officials. This could help the entire industry and help support growth.
  • Transparent regulatory framework
  • Sustainable Policies
  • Understanding best practices from around the world (Connecting with iMasons from around the world and helping each other Grow and Give Back)
  • Is the Supply Chain Geared up to Handle the Scale? Constraint in resources. Everyone is or will be feeling it. Ask vendors to “Indianise” local assembly. How can we best adapt / learn to enhance productivity of supply chain (cooperation?)
  • Quality of talent Where is the next generation of talent coming from? Young people are going into code, not digital infrastructure. Need to increase awareness. Maybe encourage / drive education providers to deliver courses on Digital Infrastructure. Government has some focus, but as an industry we need to help concentrate the focus to deliver enhanced skills

There will be iMasons India Chapter meetings taking place later in the year in Bangalore and another in Mumbai. Please stay tuned for updates and some major announcements. In the meantime – please join the iM India LinkedIn group by using the Join Link.

A big thanks to iMason Members Narendra Sen and Sarthak Arora for helping with the arrangements for the event and supporting the set up of the iM India Chapter.

Dean Nelson and Narendra Sen at DataCloud Monaco 2019

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