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Virtual Workshop: Bridging the Digital Divide – IM Australia

What is the Digital Divide and how can Infrastructure Masons can help bridge it?

For most people, access to high-speed internet is taken for granted – like the air we breathe. But for many people in the world, that’s not the case. Globally, 45% of households do not have an internet connection, according to UNESCO.

Neutralizing the digital divide
Just as the COVID-19 crisis is worsening the digital divide, it also presents an opportunity for Infrastructure Masons to give back – to “neutralize” the digital divide and to make a bigger difference together than any one member could individually.

Join us for a virtual workshop on bridging the Digital Divide, hosted by the IM Australia Chapter.

The virtual workshop will be held as part of the DCD Conference and will be open to iMasons members only. Please note that you will need to be registered for DCD in order to access the iMasons meeting. If you are not registered for DCD then please note that iMasons members are entitled to a 20% discount.


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