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Q1 2024 March Armed Forces Update

The Armed Forces Member Resource Group hosted their first event of the year at PTC showing the power of Veterans in Data Centers to both seperating military and industry leaders. The event was very well attended, filling all seats with standing room only.  The theme of “Veteran Serious” organizations presented by new MRG Chair Alison Marlow resonated with the industry participants and continued as a discussion item after the conference.  The opportunities in our industry were apparent to the transitioning service members and spouses who attended and many became actively engaged in interviews.  Many thanks to the sponsors of this year’s event.

At PTC, the MRG announced Alison Marlow has taken on the role as MRG Chair. Read the blog about her appointment!

In March, the MRG attended DCD > Connect | NY and partnered with the LatinX MRG for the first time.  Cyre Denny of the LatinX MRG and Alison Marlow participated in a workforce development program to attract young professionals to the industry. It has been a great experience as we jointly tried to raise awareness with college students about the opportunities in our industry.  The full impact of the efforts may not be seen for a couple of years but it will help feed the supply chain for the future.  The lessons learned from the event will most likely be leveraged to drive a similar event at DCD NOVA in the fall so stay tuned as that develops.

We held our quarterly global call on March 13th with Mike Eytle leading the discussion, bringing valuable insights into the discussion around technology trends.  Some of the regulatory requirements that our European colleagues have to deal with are often taken for granted so everyone gained a greater appreciation of planning global deployments.  The US team shared their progress on everything they are doing including sharing events information across the group, interfacing with new organizations like the Air Force Sergeants Association and the start of a mentoring program in 2H2024. 

If you’d like to get more involved with the Armed Forces MRG, login here or become a member! Military Veterans can join Infrastructure Masons for free.

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