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The New Infrastructure Masons Brand

The Infrastructure Masons Team is proud to finally unveil the latest evolution of our mission and branding.

Inspired by the prior imagery, the new brand story ushers us into the next chapter of our organization’s journey.  In addition to the imagery, the tagline has changed from

 “Uniting the Builders of the Digital Age”

to being

“United for a Greater Digital Future”

We believe this evolution marks two moments:

  • celebrating the considerable achievements the organization has accomplished in uniting and assembling the industry thus far
  • highlighting the pressing need to shift our focus toward addressing the crucial challenges and opportunities associated with forging a greater digital future 

These include the four critical areas of education, inclusion, innovation, and sustainability. The digital future demands a commitment to education to foster future talents and leaders, inclusion to reflect humanity in everything digital, innovation to solve technology’s toughest challenges, and environmental sustainability to protect generations to come.

The evolution in the positioning is a reflection of the organization’s steadfast commitment to ensuring a more cohesive and sustainable digital landscape for all, and underscores the need for continued collaboration and concerted efforts toward this shared vision.

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