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2023 Emerging Talent Award

The iMasons Emerging Talent Award is given to young professionals showing promise in the digital infrastructure industry. These young professionals are standouts in their field and the up-and-coming leaders of our industry.

Jovita Januskeviciute

Jovita Januskeviciute

DC Byte
Jude Ighomena

Jude Oghenekevwe Ighomena

Broadbased Communications
Lizbeth Pena Flores

Lizbeth Pena Flores

Tea Žižak

Tea Žižak

Valeriya Chulyukina

Valeriya Chulyukina


Emerging Talent Award Nominee Qualifications​

The Emerging Talent Award recognizes the top rising stars in our industry. These individuals are the future of our industry, and they are blazing their own trail with their innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. They may not have been in the industry long, but they have already made a huge impact during their time with us.

The Emerging Talent Award is open to all individuals who have been working in our industry for fewer than 5 years. To be eligible for the award, nominees must demonstrate a strong commitment to their work, a passion for innovation, and a dedication to making a difference in the industry.

Winners of the Emerging Talent Award are selected by a panel of industry experts. The panel will consider the nominees’ work experience, educational background, professional achievements, and personal qualities. The panel will also look for nominees who are making a significant impact in the industry and who are poised to become leaders in the future.

Nominee Qualifications:

  • Nomination does not require iMasons membership. Can be self-nominated or nominated by others.
  • Individual must have a maximum of 5 years in the digital infrastructure industry
  • Show impact in a minimum of 2 of our 4 pillars – Innovation, Education, Inclusion, and Sustainability.

Here are some examples of the types of accomplishments that would be considered for the Emerging Talent Award:

  • Developing a new product or service that has had a positive impact on the industry
  • Leading or being a part of a team that has successfully completed a major project


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