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2020 Education Champion Award

Bridging the Talent Gap

Education is a top priority in our digital infrastructure industry. Many of us who built this industry are nearing retirement, so we have a strong need for new talent to support our continued growth.  The Education Champion award is given to an individual who has exemplified our ideals of helping align the education sector to prepare the next generation to continue to grow and improve this industry.

The 2020 Education Award has been awarded to Dr. Julie Albright, Digital Sociologist and Author, for her passion and dedication to the growth of digital infrastructure talent through expanding education and student chapters at Infrastructure Masons.  Julie is an example of a leader in education, creating opportunities for students to join the technology industry.

“I am so excited about the educational initiatives we are pursuing at iMasons, and our charitable organization, DIFF: From capstone projects with the the HBCUs and Hispanic Serving Institutions, to starting student chapters in the U.S. and abroad, to tackling the digital divide through service learning and industry partnerships. I look forward to working with our wonderful iMasons community to train and mentor the next generation of the Builders of the Digital Age.”-Dr. Julie Albright, Digital Sociologist & Author

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